Why Science?

• Rocky Mount’s science program benefits every child in the school through hands-on learning opportunities and curriculum-based, age-appropriate experiments.  Through interactive exposure to science using experiments, students will develop integrated critical thinking skills and problem-solving strategies, which will be applicable to other curriculum areas.

• International studies show that the United States continues to lag behind other countries in students’ knowledge of science and math.  The poor rankings for U.S. students in these major tests provide alarming evidence that most of our students are not being prepared for a world that is shaped by science and technology.  In 2011, on a scale of 0 to 300, the average score for students in Georgia was 151.  We want our children to excel in all areas, including science!

• The World Economic Forum ranks the United States 52nd in the quality of mathematics and science education, and 5th (and declining) in overall global competitiveness.  Many STEM based jobs are going unfilled simply for lack of people with the right skill sets.  We need to prepare our students for the jobs of the future!

• Other local Elementary schools have used their Foundations to hire Science teachers to give the students hands-on learning with much success.  The Science Lab at Shallowford Falls Elementary has made a huge impact on science education.  Since the implementation of the Science Lab and the hiring of a Science Teacher, the CRCT scores in science have increased dramatically, and are now among the highest of any elementary school in Cobb County.  The graph shows before and after test scores that show the dramatic improvement of the number of students who achieved the “Exceeds” status on the Science CRCT since the lab was established in 2006 by The Foundation.

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