Why Give? FAQ’s

I gave money last year, why do I have to give again this year?

Think of your donation, not as a request for money but rather, as an investment to enhance your child’s education opportunities at school.  The Foundation needs parents to support it every year.  We depend on your donations to continue to pay the Science Lab Instructor’s salary and to pay for teacher training, magazines, programs and other resources that are purchased every year.  Your investment is a commitment renewable each year just as you would renew your support for a charity or other organization.  The cost to fund these programs is over $50 for EACH STUDENT.  Making the Foundation a part of your annual charitable giving directly benefits your child’s education.

Now that the science lab is up and running, why does The Foundation still need money?

The Foundation’s purpose is to enhance the school’s ability to create meaningful, exceptional, and state-of-the-art educational experiences for all students and to provide the financial support necessary to ensure a world-class education.  These projects and programs are above and beyond what is provided for by the Cobb County School District.  Now that the lab is open, The Foundation still needs to pay for the Science Lab instructor’s salary and  to add more equipment and replace used supplies.  Together, with your support, we can provide learning experiences and educational opportunities necessary to help our children compete in a global environment.

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