2016-2017 Capital Campaign


THANK YOU Rocky Mount Families!  We raised $17,725 this fall during our Capital Campaign!

We only reached 40% of our fundraising goal of $45,000 for the 2016 – 2017 school year — but you can donate at any time throughout the school year.  In order to keep our lab and our fabulous instructor, Mrs. Guckert, we still need your support!! Rocky Mount is one of only a few elementary schools in the district with a Foundation-funded STEM Lab.

You can still donate at any time during the year to help support your STEM Lab and other educational enrichment programs that benefit ALL of our Rocky Mount students.  

Checks are payable to CSF with Rocky Mount in the memo line. Please include your name, student(s) name and email address.

Donors will receive a custom campaign bag tag with every $100 donation and students from families that donate $250 or more will guest host the morning announcements on WRM!

Let’s “Aim for the Moon” with 100% participation from our Rocky Mount families!!

Inquiries: info@rockymountfoundation.org.

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Make a HUGE impact with a Corporate Match!

DID YOU KNOW… Employee matching gifts are often matched dollar-for-dollar, but some companies will give double or even triple the original donation?! Some companies may also give matching gifts for employees’ volunteer efforts?! If your company matches your donations, YOUR Rocky Mount Foundation may be eligible to receive two or three times your original donation on behalf of your family! Below are just a few of the companies that offer corporate matching opportunities:

Bank of America
Cox Enterprises
First Data
Home Depot
JP Morgan Chase
Microsoft Corporation
Morgan Stanley
Northwestern Mutual
Oracle Corp
Principal Financial Group
Takeda Corporate
Time Warner
US Bancorp
Vulcan Materials

How do I get started?

Thousands of companies match gifts to education, which can double or triple the impact of your gift. You may qualify if you are an employee, retiree or board member of a company that has a matching gift program. Such programs are an excellent way to increase the value of your contributions!

To find out if your employer (or your spouse’s employer) has a matching gift program, simply contact your Human Resources representative for a matching gift form to send with your contribution, check your company benefits site to see if the information is listed or a link provided.



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2015-2016 Capital Campaign


THANK YOU to the following families who donated to our 2015 – 2016 Capital Campaign:

The Andrews Family
The Aramburu Family
The Babish Family
The Bahri Family
C & S Bailey Family
R & L Bailey Family
B & E Baker Family
R & M Baker Family
The Balaji Family
The Barbela Family
The Belawske Family
The Benton Family
The Berman Family
The Besedes Family
The Blick Family
The Boschen Family
The Boyd-Cole Family
The Brownyard Family
The Bryan Family
The Bucaj Family
The Buchanan Family
The Burchett Family
The Burrow Family
The Casteel Family
P & C Clark Family
The Cochran Family
The Cockrell Family
The Cogbill Family
The Conners Family
The Cornish Family
The Cramer Family
The Creed Family
The Cutler Family
C & J Davis Family
Z & C Davis Family
The DeGracia Family
The Demontigny Family
The DenHaese Family
The Diasio Family
The Diaz Family
The Dilworth Family
The Donahue Family
The Doyle Family
The Drake Family
The Dupuy Family
The Edwards Family
The Faletty Family
The Fender Family
The Fekete Family
The Fincher Family
The Flowers Family
The Ford Family
The Gibson Family
The Gilreath Family
Gonzalez Rivera Family
The Goode Family
The Gotsch Family
The Grouchnikov Family
The Grund Family
The Guckert Family
Guinn/Murray Family
The Guna Family
The Hadrami Family
The Hall Family
The Hamilton Family
The Hammond Family
The Harper Family
The Hendricks Family
The Heuser Family
M & C Hill Family
The Homol Family
The Hood Family
The Hovis Family
The Hudson Family
The Hughes Family
The Hurtubise Family
The Hwang Family
The Irby Family
The Jarrell Family
The John Family
The Johns Family
F & E Jones Family
The K. Jones Family
The Judge Family
Juhl Gomez Family
The Kafati Family
The Kale Family
The Kang Family
The Keller Family
D. & C. Kim Family
G & T Krishnan Family
S & L Krishnan Family
The Landry Family
The Lawson Family
The Le Family
J & C Lee Family
M & M Lee Family
The Levine Family
The Limaye Family
The Luca Family
The Madison Family
The Makris Family
The Martins Family
The Mayfield Family
The Mehta Family
The Merry Family
The Miazek Family
The Michaud Family
The Miller Family
The Min Family
The Minich Family
The Mitchell Family
The Moellendick Family
The Morton Family
The Natarajan Family
The Noland Family
The Nyboer Family
T & M O’Brien Family
The O’Malley Family
The Overstreet Family
The Oviedo Family
The Palmer Family
The Pamulapati Family
The Peel Family
The Petty Family
The Phaengsook Family
The Popp Family
Prieto Silva Family
The Quarry Family
The Quinlan Family
The Reddick Family
The Reilly Family
The Renshaw Family
The Roy Family
The Russo Family
The Safir Family
The Schorpp Family
The Segell Family
The Shawver Family
B & D Simmons Family
C & K Smith Family
The Sowell Family
The Spohn Family
The Stein Family
The Tahir Family
The Taunton Family
M & L Thompson Family
The Tselios Family
The Velez Family
The Verhoef Family
The Verigan Family
The Vinnakota Family
The Weidner Family
The White Family
The Whitmore Family
The Whitney Family
The Wilemon Family
The Willever Family
G & B Williams Family
The Wisdom Family
The Worrell Family
The Wunder Family
The Yarger Family
The Zhang Family
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From the President: 2015 Capital Campaign Update


Dear Rocky Mount Parents,

The Rocky Mount Foundation Capital Campaign officially ended on October 30th. As of November 4th, the total raised is $18,601 with 127 families contributing. This is close to half of our goal of $40,000 and roughly 25% of the families at Rocky Mount.

Our most recent breakdown of the number of families by grade (the numbers will not sum to 127):

K – 27
1 – 22
2 – 32
3 – 28
4 – 21
5 – 22.

This, again, is roughly 25% participation per grade.

This does not mean that we are in danger of losing our Science Lab this year as we have sufficient reserve to cover expenses; but it jeopardizes having a Lab in future years. The goal of the Foundation has always been to raise funds to support the Science Lab for the following year.

The Foundation will continue to accept donations for the remainder of the school year. We sincerely ask for your support. You can donate online  by clicking here.

Thank you to all the families who have already donated.

As a reminder the annual Foundation Auction is coming up. Watch for information in the coming week. The best part of this year’s auction is that it will be totally online!


Fred Yarger
President, Rocky Mount Foundation

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Capital Campaign Update


Good afternoon, Rocky Mount Families!

Going into the third week of our capital campaign, we’ve raised $7,550 with 53 families contributing.  That’s only 19% of our goal of $40,000. You guys…PLEASE HELP US!

If you can’t give the full $100 per student now, please consider donating what you can. Our wonderful science program benefits all of our children and if we can’t raise our goal, we could lose it.

Here’s how we compare to other schools in our area: 

$100/student: Tritt, Garrison Mill, Davis
$125/student: Shallowford Falls, Timber Ridge
$250/student: East Valley (Foundation/PTA combo)

Here is a breakdown of our 2015-2016 expenses:

$30,000   Science Lab
$6,000     Teacher Training / Classroom Grants
$4,000     Educational Publications / Periodicals
(Time for Kids, Scholastic, Georgia Studies Weekly)

If you haven’t had the chance to donate yet, you can click here for a donation form  or  click here to donate by credit card.  It’s as easy as 1-2-3!

Thank you to the families and friends who have so generously donated during our campaign!! There’s still time to Support Our Science Program!!

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Aim for the Moon…Support Our Science Program!


Dear Rocky Mount Families,

Today is the start of our $100 For the Foundation campaign.  We are asking each family to donate $100 per student.  Your generous donations fully fund our Science Lab which offers all of our children a “hands on” approach to learning critical concepts and assists in developing analytical skills.

Forms and envelopes are coming home with your children in their Tuesday folder today.

You can also click here for a donation form  or  click here to donate by credit card

Thank you in advance for helping all of our students “Aim for the Moon” by Supporting Our Science Program!!

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Winners of the Cents for Science $ Guess Throw Pies in Ms. May’s Face

Congratulations to Fletcher Pates, Lila English, Katherine Quinlan, Alejandro Melendez, Kareem Richardson, and Halle Stephens for having the closest guesses to how much money was in our Cents for Science jug.  They got to have some fun and throw pies at Ms. May last Friday!  Thank you for your donations – our total raised with Cents for Science was $1,521,77!

Pie_inthe_Face (6 of 6)Pie_inthe_Face (5 of 6)Pie_inthe_Face (1 of 6)

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THANK YOU! Cents for Science raised $1,521.77!

Thank you for your donations to our Cents for Science collection!!!!  You helped us raise $1,521.77!!!  We are now only $3,000 from funding our Science Lab, Science Lab instructor, and other educational enhancements for the year.

Congratulations to Fletcher Pates, Lila English, Katherine Quinlan, Alejandro Melendez, Kareem Richardson, and Halle Stephens for having the closest guesses to how much money was in our Cents for Science jug.  They will be throwing pies at Ms. May this Friday!

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The Rocky Mount Foundation is excited to offer engraved bricks for our new patio by the gym.  Support our school while leaving a legacy for your family at Rocky Mount!  A 4×8 brick is $50 with three lines of text.  Watch for a form in Tuesday’s folder or Click here to download a form.IMG_9540

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Handprint Ceiling Tiles


The Rocky Mount Foundation is excited to offer Family Handprint Ceiling Tiles in the Cafeteria. For many of the children, the family ceiling tiles have become another affirmation that they belong to the Rocky Mount Community. They also enjoy seeing their names and handprints displayed alongside those of their friends and fellow students.

The handprints are made during your child/children’s designated lunchtime, so they will not miss any instructional class time. Each handprint takes only a few minutes, so your child/children will have plenty of time to eat their lunch.

The donation required to add your family’s Handprint Tile to the Rocky Mount Cafeteria ceiling is $30 and will include all children indicated below. If your family already has a ceiling tile in the cafeteria and you would like to add another child (or children) to your existing family tile, you can do so with a $15 donation.

To order, please click here and complete and return this form with cash, or a check made payable to Cobb Schools Foundation (CSF) with Rocky Mount written in the memo section. Please return this form by Friday September 26th, so that we will have enough time to have all the tiles completed and on display for the Thanksgiving Feast.

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